Top 6 Ways To Get Black Listed by Music Supervisors

If you would like music supervisors to read your emails, click your links, listen to your songs and sync your songs try not to do any of these things.

1 . Sending songs that just don't fit the brief.

There is nothing more annoying for a music supervisor than to receive tracks that are highly inappropriate for the project that they are working on. Do not contact them unless you have done your homework about the project and you literally think your track would fit perfectly for not only the genre, but also the demographic and theme of the project. If your song does not match any of the criteria and has absolutely nothing to do with the project, you're in the fast lane to the black list my friend.

2. Email Blasts.

There is nothing more unprofessional and downright annoying than a non-personalized email. It reflects that you did not do your research; you aren't even aware of which music supervisor you have contacted and that in general you're a pretty lazy person. Email blasts are your number one way to a straight up VETO.

3. Pestering

Pet Peeves of any professionals = Pestering. Don't get me wrong 'follow up' is very important. However, there is a difference between following up once a month to following up every other day. If they react to your music, expect a response.

4. Asking for feedback on songs.

Ask your musician friends, ask producers, ask music promo people, just don't ask music supervisors.

5. Being Rude

Be polite, and be professional. Cross the line and you'll be blacklisted.

6 . Lying

If you lie about who owns the songs or forget to mention that they contain un-cleared samples then expect a royal headache.

About the Author – Daniela D'Onofrio

Daniela has been responsible in representing hundreds of indie artists, and successfully securing placements for Virgin, Qantas, Contiki, Jeans West, Joe Fresh, Sony PlayStation and countless Films and TV Shows with Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, HBO, Showtime, FOX, USA Network, MTV, CTV, Warner Bros, ABC (USA), and NBC Universal.

Passionate about the sync industry, Daniela has had many speaking and teaching engagements including Q Music, Music Industry Inside Out, and SYNC Master Classes at Queensland University of Technology.