Although licensing songs into trailers can make big money the industry has changed somewhat in recent years. As we see music budgets dropping in the world of film and TV we are also seeing them drop for trailer syncs. The budget shifts in trailers and film marketing has opened opportunities for indie artists to gain access to music supervisors in trailer houses that...

The Guild of Music Supervisors defines a music supervisor as "a qualified professional who oversees all music related aspects of film, television, advertising, video games and other existing or emerging visual media platforms as required."There are countless musicians wanting their music placed into popular productions, however many don't actually understand the art...

You've put your blood, sweet, and tears into your latest EP or album. You've had a great response with your existing fans at gigs. You've had a write-up in the music press. Your local radio station has decided to spin your track and you have your songs with a bunch of music supervisors. Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction, so why aren't you landing...

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