Licensing music into commercials is a great way to accelerate artist careers. Because of this, there are a lot of articles out there giving guidance for artists on how to contact music supervisors, pitch their music and land a sync deal. But what is the creative perspective on this process? How does a brand decide what style, artist or track should be chosen for a...

Your initial outreach email can be a defining line that allows you to be either noticed or instantly binned by a music supervisor. Whatever you do, DO NOT email blast music supervisors (or anyone else) – IT DOESN'T WORK...

There are immense opportunities for artists to license music into brands, and these opportunities go far beyond the typically sought after sync placement into TV Commercials. Brands have many uses for sound in many different, often overlooked ways, such as online websites/social media, radio, and even experiential/event marketing. Obtaining a sync placement offers...

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