Batching and Blasting Intro emails – A Complete Waste of Time

Blasting introductory emails are a thing of the past, they're a dead and buried way of getting someone's attention.

Some people still think that 'batching and blasting' emails out in volume is a good way of building new relationships. The truth of the matter is that it 100% doesn't work, especially when you're trying to get the attention of busy music supervisors or ad agency creatives. Let's face it, millions of spammy emails are being sent every day and millions of emails don't get opened, never mind read. Taking the time to draft a tailored email and doing the homework on the person you're emailing allows you to really stand out.

Being ignored isn't a great feeling but when you provide a positive, personal email then it rapidly increases your chance of getting a response. Sending grouped emails immediately sends the wrong message and can really hurt your ability to build relationships with people that can sync your music. The goal should always be to make a personal connection.

When you receive a personalised email do you open it? And if the message inside the email is short and relevant to you then are you going to read it? I know I am, but if I get an email that is obviously part of a list then I'm not.

Grabbing the attention from anyone these days is difficult so commit to being a pro when reaching out to people that can license your catalog.

“I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. I don't want to understand you" Kobe Bryant