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One-stop Sync Fees: What Kind Of Money is Being Made These Days?

Essentially in the world of TV the bigger the production budget the bigger the music budget, but that doesn't always mean that big dollars get shelved out for indie one-stop tracks. For example if a TV show has a music budget of $70 000 and the producers want a Kasabian track then it usually leaves a lot less on the table to pay for other one-stop tracks.

TV can range from $500 USD (master and publishing) for an MTV show through to 12K (master and publishing) for a big budget TV show on a network or large cable network/streaming platform. Having said that the average sync fees for one-stop tracks range between $2000 and $5000 USD (master and publishing) for TV shows.

License fees vary so much these days especially for commercials and it all comes down to where the campaign will be aired, for how long and the amount of edits the commercial will have. Global advertising campaigns can see 6 figures whereby 1 territory like Canada for a 12 week cycle can see up to 30K. Terms again affect the dollar amount but for the bigger brand campaigns they will want the rights of the track for broadcast, cinema, Web free & Paid Including Social Media.

Purely digital campaigns can be a lot less ranging from $500 to $10 000 – again based usually on the size of the brand and campaign.

Many USA films are usually paying between $2000 and $5000 (master and publishing) for a one-stop indie track depending on where the song is used. If it's placed as the end title (when the credits are rolling) then the fee can be a lot higher.

Video games are usually around the 3 -5 K mark and trailers can range from $10 to $100 000. There might be up multiple tracks used in a trailer so the fees are based on the biggest tracks (majors) to the smallest (indies).