Avoid Giving Music Supervisors Headaches

In order to keep things nice and smooth when pitching and licensing songs to time-poor music supervisors it's best to keep these things in mind.

> Never include your entire catalog or artist roster intro letters or music newsletters.

> Don't send too much information – great emails are relevant to the music supervisor. E.g you know what they are licensing and you have the goods!

> Make sure digital links never expire.

> Don't send unclearable songs – E.g you have 3 writers and 1 of them has a major publisher that always 'wants more money'. Another pain would be songs with uncleared samples. Clearance hassles are still the # 1 headache for music supervisors.

> Don't have really shite metadata – always have the correct title, artist/band, master and publishing owners and contact details. If you really want to impress include the genre, moods and lyrics. Bad or no metadata means a music supervisor will have no trust in your ability to clear a song.

> Don't send low quality mp3's - always send high quality mp3's ideally 256kbps or 320kbps.

> If you are asked for high-resolution audio files send AIFF files. AIFF is a hi-resolution, lossless format that supports ID3 metadata tags unlike WAV files.

> Don't send songs that are badly produced, or badly mastered.

> Have Instrumental edits available and access to stems.

> Always correctly label song files.